Beef Tataki

Cut your steak into thin slice (1/2 inch) and lightly season both side with olive oil, salt & pepper. Drizzle some olive oil in a hot pan and fry the steak to get some crust, about 3-4 mins on each side. I normally use NY Steak or Rib Eyes for best taste.

Grate some daikon and mix with hot pepper paste (I use Korean Gochujang paste), put the mix in the middle of a dish, pour in the Ponzu sauce (add a teaspoon of lime/lemon if you like). Your dish should look like this:

Let the steak rest for about 2-3 mins before slicing it so the juice stay in. Your steak will be more juicy.   Steak should be medium rare (pink in the middle).  Arrange the slices around the daikon, add chopped green onion and some toasted sesame seed.

Pair with a glass of wine and you’re good to go ;)

Good luck and happy eating ;)

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One Response to Beef Tataki

  1. Tuan Anh says:

    Cái món này rất hấp dẫn , vừa thơm ngon , vừa bổ dưỡng. Thanks anh Hoàng ! Mai đi mua cái red pepper paste, còn daikon thì lấy củ cải làm được rồi !
    Sẽ báo cáo kết quả !!!!

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