A perfect spaghetti meatball?

After watching a “Spaghetti Throwdown” episode on Food Network, I tried to combine the 2 recipes, added a little XT’s touch and voila, I got a near-perfect version of Spaghetti Meatball. My fam loved it. Da wife even suggested that I kept it a secret but you know me, I never want to keep a good recipe a secret.
First, the picture (just have this dish for lunch myself):

This recipe is good for serving 8-9 ppl. Prep and cook time ~ 1 hour. Here we go:

Mix all of the following ingredient in a large bowl:

  1. 2 lbs of ground beef (15%-20% fat is good), get leaner beef if you prefer. Costco ground beef is of good quality/price.
  2. 2 large eggs (1 egg for each lb of meat)
  3. 1 tsp cayenne pepper (powder)
  4. 1/2 tsp paprika
  5. 1 tsp powder garlic
  6. 1 tsp powder onion
  7. 1 tsp sugar, a dash of msg (bột ngọt)
  8. 1 tbsp bột nêm (knorr)
  9. 1 củ hành tây nhỏ (chopped)
  10. 1 củ shallot (hành hương, chopped)
  11. 1 cup bread crump.
  12. 1/2 tsp salt
  13. ground black pepper
  14. chopped fresh parsley (about 2-3 tbsp)
  15. 2 tbsp EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or any olive oil is fine.
  16. 2 tbsp fish sauce
  17. 1/2 cup of grated Romano cheese (or parmesan cheese)
  18. Xịt một ít tương ớt đỏ ăn phở cho thêm vị cay.
  19. smash/chop 3-4 clove of garlic, heat up some EVOO oil and add the garlic to “tao” cho vàng và thơm rồi đổ vào mix chung.

Trộn thật đều rồi vo tròn thành meatball khoảng the size of a small egg. Heatup a sauce pan, drizzle some EVOO and sear the meatball on the out side for about 3-4 mins until a little brown outside… Take out the meatballs set aside and save the hot oil to make the sauce…

Ingredients to make the sauce:

  1. 1-2 lbs of brown mushroom, clean, slice in large chunks.
  2. 1/2 củ hành tây (chopped)
  3. 2 garlic clove
  4. 5 fresh, ripe roma tomato (take out the seed, cut in small pieces)
  5. 1 small can tomato paste
  6. 1 can of Prego sáuce (about 2lbs) cho tiện, khỏi mắc công làm sauce from scratch.
  7. romano/parmesan cheeze (grated)
  8. I also use provole cheese or mozzarela cheese slices to thicken the sauce near the end.

Tao hành, tỏi cho thơm với một ít dầu rồi bỏ cà chua vào xào cho nát, add tomato paste, mushroom, meatballs. Add prego sauce, cheese. Trộn đều. Nêm nếm một ít salt, pepper, v… cho vừa ăn. Đậy nắp nấu khoảng 10-15 phút cho thấm thịt.

Luộc spaghetti (nước sôi, tắt lữa, đậy nắp khoảng 10′ là vừa ăn).



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